Why does the fire service need the money?

    The fire service requires the funds to purchase necessary vehicles and equipment in order to offer rescue services. 

    What is the benefit to me as a homeowner?

    Your fire service will have reliable and up-to-date vehicles and equipment, which will provide you with better protection and lower insurance rates.

    Where can I get more info?

    Contact the Christina Lake fire hall and Chief Geary and his crew will be happy to talk to you! If you book an appointment, you may also get a tour of the fire hall. Call 250.444.0553. 

    Where can I get a copy of the Elector Response Form?

    You can get a copy of the Elector Response Form on this page, at https://rdkb.com/Regional-Government/Who-we-are-what-we-do/Elections-and-Other-Voting, by contacting the corporate officer at corporate@rdkb.com or calling 250.368.9148. You may also get copies at the Christina Lake fire hall.

    Why long-term borrowing over short-term borrowing?

    Long-term borrowing would be repaid over a term no more than 20 years. Therefore, the property tax increase to pay for the borrowing would be less per annum than the five-year option would be.