What is a land use plan?

    A land use plan provides direction on how land gets used through policies and regulations. The Plan is developed based upon a vision and guiding principles created with community members and is given authority by provincial legislation.

    Will this land use plan prevent me from doing what I want?

    This plan is identifying areas where certain designations and zones are located. This is established by the types of activities that are already taking place on the land. 

    Part of the process for developing the plan is identifying what good practices are already in place that are working for community members and where there are areas where safety issues and challenges between neighbours. The land use plan is a tool to help enforce the good practices and establish land use behaviours that reduce negative impacts on neighbouring properties.

    What is a land use designation?

    A land use designation is usually set out in a Official Community Plan (OCP). They establish objectives and policies for areas that are similar based upon location, vision, and/or current land uses. Land use designations, sometimes just called designations are shown as discrete areas on a map that is part of the OCP, as well as being described by objectives and policies in the text of the OCP.

    Will my taxes go up if this Plan is approved?

    No. Planning services are already included in your property taxes. Taxes increase if your property increases in value or a new service is approved for your area.

    What is zoning?

    Zoning is the implementation of the vision, objectives and policies set out for land use designations in the OCP. Zones are specific areas that outline permitted uses on that land and can also specify density or the size, height and location of buildings. A zoning bylaw includes a text portion describing the regulations that apply to each zone and a map showing the location of each zone.

    What is a steering committee?

    A Steering Committee was formed to guide the planning process. Committee members live in and around Bridesville and provide planning staff insight into the needs and wants of the community. Planning staff presents objectives, policies and mapping to the steering committee and they tell planning staff what they think.

    Why was the rural Bridesville area selected to be included for land use bylaws?

    The Bridesville Land Use Plan was completed in 2012. Shortly thereafter community members in rural areas surrounding Bridesville expressed some concerns around land uses and development on rural properties. This began the community engagement for reviewing and expanding the plan area included in the Bridesville Land Use Plan.

    Could more zoning and regulations impact business?

    Land use designations and zoning direct where commercial activities take place. Home based businesses are permitted throughout the plan area, while a few parcels have been identified that already have commercial activities on their properties. If a new business wishes to move into the rural Bridesville area, depending on the size of their operations, they may need to apply for bylaw amendments, which requires a public hearing that opens the process to the whole community for comment.

    Further to this zoning provides a greater level of predictability and stability in communities and how they grow, which helps businesses grow accordingly.