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Accessibility in the RDKB

The RDKB is developing an Accessibility Plan. The plan will identify accessibility and inclusivity barriers people experience when using RDKB buildings or public spaces, accessing services and programs, receiving communication and information, and applying for employment. 

A successful plan needs input from community members. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. The information gathered will play an important role in developing the Accessibility Plan. 

Answers are anonymous. 


Please check all that apply to you:


What age group to you belong to? If filling this out on behalf of someone with a disability, please state their age.


Do you use a regular or electric wheelchair or a scooter?


Do you use a walker, crutch, cane or other assistive device?


Do you have vision impairment?


Do you have hearing impairment?


Do you have an invisible disability (a condition usually not detected immediately by looking or talking to a person)?


Do you have a motor disability (an inability or impairment of an individual to perform tasks that require a degree of manual dexterity)?


Do you have a cognitive delay (problems with a person's ability to think, learn, remember, use judgement, and make decisions)?


Do you have a mental health injury or illness?


Do you identify as a member of any of the following groups: